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1 2        
  4                       5
  10               11                    
    12                       13
  15                       16  

2.An act or omission of an act that is prohibited and punishable by federal statute
4.The person who actually commits the crime
6.A state of mind in which someone desires to carry out a wrongful action, knows what the results will be, and is reckless regarding the consequences
7.A deliberate intention to commit a wrongful act, with reckless disregard for the consequences
8.The desire to commit one wrongful act for the sake of accomplishing another
9.Someone who knowingly receives, comforts, or assists a perpetrator in escaping from the police
10.The crimine of encouraging the perpetrator to commit an offence
11.A crime that involves advising, recommending, or persuading another person to commit a criminal offence
12.The body of laws that prohibit and punish acts that injure people, property, and society as a whole
14.The desire to commit a wrongful act, with no ulterior motive or purpose
15.An agreement between two or more people to carry out an illegal act, even if that act does not actually occur
18.The defence that the accused took every reasonable precaution to avoid committing a particular offence
19.Offences that do not require mens rea and to which the accused can offer no defence
20.An awareness of certain facts that can be used to establish mens rea
21.Laws covering less serious offences at the provincial or municipal level; most often punishable by fines
22.Consciously taking an unjustiable risk that a reasonable person would not take
1.The shared responsibility among criminals for any additional offences that are commited in the course of the crime they originally intended to commit
2.Wanton or reckless disregard for the lives and safety of others, sometimes causing serious injury or death
3.The reason a person commits a crime
4.Those people who are indriectly involved in commiting a crime
5.The intention to commit a crime, even when the crime is not completed
9."The guilty act" - the voluntary action, omission, or state of being that is forbidden by the Criminal Code
13.Federal or provincial statutes meant to protect the public welfare
16.Legal responsibility for a wrongful act
17.A criminal offence that involves helping a perpetrator commit a crime

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