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Section five vocabulary

Mr. Derrell

1 2 3
5   6                       7    
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4.a song sung to a harp
5.personalized prayers that have developed outside, but should lead to, the liturgy of the Church
8.a devotional prayer that honors the Virgin Mary and helps us meditate on Christ's life and mission
9.the Church's official public, communal prayer
10.regarded as holy: revered and respected
14.also known as the Divine Office, the official public, daily prayer of the Catholic Church
16.speaking to God in prayer
17.another name for the Sacrament of the Eucharist
18.a brief liturgical sermon that explains the scripture readings
19.a prayer book that contains the prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours
20.slow and attentive reading of a passage from the Sacred Scripture
21.an invitation or enticement to commit an unwise or immoral act
22.communication with God in a relationship of love
23.ruminating on the passage to understand what God is trying to communicate
1.referring to the goodness or evil of human acts
2.the fallen angel or spirit of evil who is the enemy of God
3.a Latin phrasae meaning the "work of God"
6."way of sorrow"
7.the part of the Mass that includes the Consecration of the bread and wine
11.divine reading
12.action and life changes that result from lectio divina
13.a monophonic, unaccompanied style of liturgicl singing that takes its name from Pope Gregory the Great
15.simply and silently resting in the presence of God

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