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Sex Ed Final


1 2
3   4 5  
6                 7                
9               10    
      13 14        
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  17     18          
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22             23 24                    

6.Pain relief medicine to aid in labor
7.STI known as the "Silent STI" that may not symptoms
8.Type of infection tha leads an AIDS
9.Stress and this energy level can cause of relapse of herpes
11.Reproductive problem from untreated STI
12.STI with a contagious open sore
14.Scoring system to assess the health of the newborn
16.Cheating in a relationship can make a person feel this way
18.This part will expand to 10 cm indicatingthe body is ready to deliver
22.Being born butt first
24.3rd trimester symptom where large intestines are inflamed
25.I in HIV stands for this
26.Bacterial STI can be treated with this
27.HIV is present in semen, blood vaginal secretions and ........
28.A mother can pass this to the baby during birth
1.Symptons that indicate you could have an STI
2.Disease caused as a result of the bacterial STI Chlamydia
3.Black sticky tar excretion
4.Deliberately destroy a partner in a dating violence relationship
5.Test used to check for a bacterial STI
7.Surgical incision to remove a baby
10.If gonorrhea is not treated if will travel in the blood to these parts
13.Means that you may not experience any symptoms
15.Incision of this area is called an episiotomy
17.Parasite STI transferred through skin contact
18.Frequency of texts indicating digital dating violence
19.Pill taken after intercourse as a last resort birth control option (B)
20.STI that is NOT curable
21.Cheesy waxy covering that protects the baby in the womb
23.Expanding uterus puts pressure on this nerve

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