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Unit 9 Digital Based Printing


Based on Unit 9 D-BP of MAVCC find the words from your information sheet you went over earlier matching the words to the definitions. Please remember if it is a two word answer the box separating the two words will be a black box. If it is a hyphenated word that box with the hyphenation will be blank which you will have you put the hyphenation mark in the box. A word bank is given to help you.

1 2
  3   4

5.A print control that manages the processing of print and copy jobs
7.A compression method that loses data and exchanges data to simulate the data lost
8.Printers that do not strike the paper
9.A type of printing in which the image is transfered from the plate cylinder to the blanket to the substrate
11.The process of taking a job through all process required to complete the job
12.An oil or rubber based colorant used in the offset process
13.The entire printing system, including the RIP engine and if equipped binding and finishing
14.A document the accompanies the delivery of goods
1.An image that is created but not seen until the process is completed
2.The component contained within the printer that produces the print
3.The paper, plastic, cloth etc. that is printed on during the print process
4.The process of binding, punching, laminating or performing other final work
5.Postscript printer driver The manufacturers written code of instruction a work station uses for that particular printer
6.A machine that makes copies of a printed image
10.A compression method which retains data of an image without degradation of quality

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