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Australia and Oceania - Geography

J. Chavira

1 2 3
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41                         42
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4.Maori people were granted the rights and privileges of ___________.
5.Australia's first, oldest and most populated city.
7.New Zealand produces more than 1/4 of the total world production of _____
8.The western most point of Australia.
9.Located on the west at about 1400 miles from the nearest mayor city.
13.Red sandstone monolith of Australia.
15.The largest living structure, spans more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers)
17.The limestone skeletons of tiny sea animals form ____________.
18.Australia's Western Plateau, a flat expanse covering two thirds of the continent is commonly called the ________________.
20.Pressurized water underground flows to the surface from a(n)
22.Capital of the Northern Territory.
23.Capital of Queensland.
25.Wild dog from Asia, introduced by the Aborigenes
26.A large crater formed by volcanic explosion or by collapse of a volcanic cone.
32.carnivorous marsupial that lives in Tasmania.
36.Australia's most substantial mountain range and the third longest in the world.
40.the Maori traveled thousands of miles to Newzealand using _____________.
41.Australia is the only place in the world that is both a ___________and a country.
43.Mammals in Australia are called___________.
44.Australia's second largest city.
45.The forceful winds of a(n)________________can devastate land and vegetation.
1.located south of the South Island.
2.The area surrounding Canberra is called ___________________.
3.The Australian Billy The kid.
6.The most populated city of New Zealand.
10.A major European navigator that landed in New Zealand.
11.in the 1850's Australia had its own ____________
12.The southern most capital of the world.
13.The most important part of New Zealand's economy.
14.New Zealand has more ____________ than people.
16.The Maori signed this treaty with the British.
19.Plant and animal species introduced by humans.
21.The world's largest, but not longest.
24.waterway that separates the North Island from the South Island
27.Plant and animal species original of the land.
29.located in a regin of pravailing westerly winds known as the "roaring forties"
30.Person that establish relations with the Maori.
31.People that came to New Zealand from Polynesia.
33.Highest point of Australia, located in the Great Dividing Range.
34.On North Island, the largest lake in New Zealand.
35.The oldest surviving culture in the world.
37.Australia is a nation that began as a ____________.
38.New Zealand's government is based on the _____________ parliamentary system.
39.Capital of South Australia. Closest mayor city to Perth.
42.Australia has a very low population density in its __________areas.

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