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Judicial Branch Review

Government Class

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              15 16

4.To add or emphasize a point that was not made in the majority opinion (523) (2 Words)
5.Person who files a lawsuit against a person or party (Pg. 509)
13.Order by the Court directing a lower court to send up the record in a case for its review (Page 520) (3 Words)
14.Person whom a lawsuit is against (Page 509)
17.Federal case in which a defendant is tried for committing some action that Congress declares a federal crime (Page 513) (2 Words)
18.Type of jurisdiction that contains cases that can only be heard in federal court (Page 508)
19.Occurs when the lower court asks the Supreme Court to certify the answer to a question (Page 521)
1.Written by the justices that do not agree with the majority decision (522) (2 Words)
2.Involves some noncriminal matter, such as a dispute over a contract or patent infringement (Page 513) (2 Words)
3.Examples to be followed that arise in the lower courts and reach the Supreme Court (523)
6.The power of the Supreme Court to decide whether a law is constitutional (Page 517) (2 Words)
7.Announces the Supreme Court's decision in a case (522) (2 Words)
8.Jurisdiction that allows cases to be heard in either federal or state court (Page 508)
9.Established in 1982 to speed up the handling of appeals in certain kinds of civil cases (Page 515) (3 Words)
10.Case that first asserted the power of Supreme Court judicial review (Page 518) (3 Words)
11.Authority of a court to try and decide a case
12.Lower federal courts below the Supreme Court (Page 507)
15.Jurisdiction that results from an appeal from a lower court decision (Page 509)
16.Highest Court in the federal system that can strike down laws as Unconstitutional (2 Words)

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