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Asia Review

World Geography

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4.Piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides
5.Country which has a dictator in charge, also called Burma
6.Spread of ideas from one nation or region to the entire world (Page 97) (2 Words)
7.When a country does not have any coast or border on the ocean (Page 271)
8.Most popular cash crop used across most of Asia
10.Region of the Pacific Ocean that has active volcanoes on tectonic plate boundaries (Page 152) (3 Words)
11.Wind system in which winds reverse direction and cause seasons of wet and dry weather (Page 51)
12.Japanese megacity that is home to 20 million people, most in the world
14.Type of planting and harvesting done on hillsides, usually in steps (2 Words)
15.Asian country known for Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and its hatred of the U.S. through creating nuclear weapons (2 Words)
16.Vietnam War, Korean War, and Cold War fought over democracy vs. ________________ (Page 115)
17.(DMZ) Buffer Zone that prevents both armies from entering (Page 644) (2 Words)
18.Destruction or loss of forests (Page 76)
19.Intentional destruction of a people because of race or ethnicity (Page 181)
1.Area or region which has free-market laws as opposed to strict national laws in the rest of the country (Page 628) (3 Words)
2.Country home to most Muslims in world, hub for Nike and clothing companies to open factories
3.Region of China that has most of the country's population (2 Words)
9.Manmade structure built to create hydroelectricity in China for 4 million people (3 Words)
12.Large sea waves created by undersea tectonic activity like earthquakes (Page 638)
13.Chain of islands including Indonesia and the Philippines (Page 680)

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