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Final Exam Review

Coach Key

1 2     3 4
  5 6   7 8       9  
11       12                    
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  20                           21 22 23
  24   25     26      
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36 37   38              

2.Controls the supply and price of oil
8.This country has developed a strong technology industry to make up for a lack of oil
10.An economy that has some government involvement and free enterprise
12.What type of government does China have?
13.Which branch of gov't carries out the laws in a parliamentary system?
14.Overgrazing and drought have caused this area to expand
16.The beleif that Jews have a right to live in Palestine as they did in the days of the Old Testament
17.The "Green Revolution" was India's attempt to improve
18.Which SW Asian country is an autocracy?
20.First black president of South Africa
28.The belief that a sould returns to life in another body after death
30.Why do some governments ignore environmental pollution for business?
31.The primary religion in India
33.What type of government does Japan have?
34.Who holds most the power in a unitary form of government?
35.What industry is most fully under a command economy in Saudi Arabia
38.To limit the amount of goods that can be imported
39.Located in N. Africa and spans the entire continent
40.division of all the people in a society into categories that are hereditary
1.This SE Asian country leads many other countries in the area of technology and service industries
3.An economy where government planners make most of the economic decisions
4.An economy based on custom and habit
5.Flows northward 4,000 miles to the Mediterranean Sea
6.Hindu sacred text
7.Which country is known for a history of apartheid?
9.The "Great LeapForward" and the "Cultural Revolution" were designed to improve China's ...
11.The basic obligations that Muslims are supposed to do in their lives
15.The hatred of Jews simply because they are Jewish
18.Those products a country makes best and are demand on the world market
19.Which two countries have the highest oil deposits in SW Asia?
21.Shared cultural ideas and beliefs
22.Rapid population growth and cutting down trees has threatened this area
23.Buddhist teachings that shows it followers the way to live their lives
24.Belief in one God seperated this religion from others in the ancient world
25.A complete halt of trade with another nation
26.Growing population, burning coal, and many automobiles contribute to this in China
27.This SE Asian country has a democratic republic form of governemnt
29.Training and education workers receive
32.A Chinese emperor used these scholars to help organize his government
36.A high standard of living is associated with a high
37.Most Arabs practice this religion

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