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Malawi and Up in Africa


Knowledge of Time in Malawi

1 2 3     4   5     6    
  7             8
    9   10 11           12  
  13   14               15        
16 17                   18                
19               20           21
    22 23     24                       25      
26           27       28                   29        
          31 32   33   34    
  35   36               37                             38  
40 41                 42     43   44          
        45     46                                
47             48             49                    
              50         51            
  52   53 54 55                               56
57                   58 59 60          
61             62         63                 64          
    65                                 66  
            67     68                          
69                     70           71        
          72     73  
74 75                   76                   77         78           79 80        
  81   82   83                     84      
  85                     86                        
      87                     88   89            
90         91         92               93        
94               95   96           97           98     99                
                  100     101  
102   103                  
      104 105               106 107    
    108                     109    
    110                     111 112        
113           114   115   116         117                  
          118                 119        
  120               121                  
122               123             124   125      
  126   127               128  
  129           130             131  
  132     133         134          
136       137 138             139          
  140         141          

3.MUST be included with staple food
5.southern-most district
7.old-time Malawian slave trader
11.raw or good as chips
14.sweet beer in the north
15.northern headquarters
17.railroad train (3 Words)
20.mission island in the lake
23.young neighbor girls (3 Words)
26.okra in the north
28.the name of Tom's school in Karonga (2 Words)
29.stop, finish, enough
30.'mosi oa tunya', meaning 'the smoke that thunders' (2 Words)
33.a plateau in southern Malawi
36.we drove through
37.a friend in high places (2 Words)
39.'to help' in Karonga
41.famous explorer in Malawi
46.major cash crops in Malawi (3 Words)
47.boss and neighbor (2 Words)
48.where the road crosses the Shire River
49.Bridget's aids project in Lilongwe (initials)
51.the northern-most lake port
55.sour milk in the north (3 Words)
60.delicious flies
61.spoken at the southern end of the lake
63.Witwatersrand Native Labour Association's short name in Malawi (they recruited miners for South Africa)
65.one of Funi's friends (2 Words)
67.hospital in Lilongwe (initials)
68.isithuthuthu (3 Words)
69.old-time Malawian freedom fighter
71.good luck for the home
76.new hotel in Blantyre (2 Words)
77.resort peninsula at the southern end of the lake (2 Words)
80.small fish
83.Kamuzu's cry
84.3 pence
85.home in Malawi (2 Words)
86.a city in Scotland and Malawi
87.Banda's 'wife'
88.common 4x4 (2 Words)
90.one of Blantyre's townships
92.major city in Malawi named after it's river
94.where they speak chiNgonde
95.many of these fish evolved in Lake Malawi
97.a manipulator in high places (2 Words)
99.Gjalt's big problem
102.highly inflated currency
105.holidays at the lake
110.northern-most district
112.it's 'ugali' in Swahili
113.another staple food
114.mountain in southern Malawi
117.where the Kamanga's are the chiefs in the north
118.hello in the north
119.famous old lake steamer
120.old hotel in Blantyre
121.'to speak' in Tumbuka
122.major northern river
123.old colonial trader named after his eyeglasses
124.where Livingstonia Beach Hotel is
127.bantu bamene bakuyowoya
129.old-time Malawi slave trader
132.white man
134.tobacco in the south
136.people in the south of Malawi
138.delicacy from the lake
139.we ate his cooking at Gjalt's
140.lion and chip
141.common Shona girl's name meaning 'thank (many people)'
1.had 3 wives
2.Blantyre's twin
4.they call it chiNyanja here
6.the British protectorate
9.dog donator
11.major Scotish mission in Malawi (initials)
12.Funiwe's 'home' district
16.little neighbor boy
18.two plateaux in northern Malawi (3 Words)
19.township in Lilongwe
21.the colonial capital
22.major river in southern Africa
24.only way to transport things into Malawi, in the old days (2 Words)
25.shit happens
27.good gardener
31.Mark's second high school (2 Words)
32.large wrapping cloth
34.small lake near the outlet of Lake Malawi
35.Zambian town just across the border from Mchinji
38.Mary's sister (2 Words)
40.priest's wife
42.holiday at the lake (2 Words)
43.haphazardly! (2 Words)
44.small stick for shopping
45.no problem (2 Words)
50.tobacco in the north
52.okra in the south
53.Karonga girl - too soon gone
54.mushrooms in Malawi
56.thank you
57.Malawi's southern neighbor
59.the language of half of the African people
62.Tumbuka joy
64.erstwhile holiday trips in Zimbabwe (2 Words)
66.a kind and homourable lady neighbor
70.major rapids on the Shire River (2 Words)
72.boss in Blantyre (2 Words)
73.caught by swinging baskets on the lake (2 Words)
74.Malawi's northern neighbor
76.lekker nut
78.Tumbuka negative - often shortened
79.Malawi's western border
82.Mark's first high school
84.back fence neighbors (2 Words)
91.foot protection
93.UK charity
96.Blantyre's airport
98.we slept there on a trip
103.a mission in Malawi
104.common surname
105.spoken in Lilongwe
106.small lake in south-eastern Malawi
107.fish eagle
109.often eaten with staple food
111.sir in Swahili
113.followed Banda
114.the 'Warm Heart'
115.flower club in Lilongwe (initials)
121.Banda's home
123.madzira in the north
125.Bridget taught there (initials)
126.mostly in Nkata Bay
128.penny or money
131.Malawi's northern border
135.Tumbuka - 'thank you', Zulu - 'yes'
137.grade school in Malawi (initials)

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