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Computer Science Key Terms

Ben Clark

Key Terms from the AQA GCSE Computer Science text book

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6.The active electronic memory which stores the software and data currently in use by a computer
8.Numbers in base 2. They are formed from digits 1 and 0 only
9.A named area that holds a value that does not change
10.___________ data is stored inside the computer in the form of on/off electronic signals
11.Software that provides features to help a programmer create computer code
12.The pieces of equipment that make up a computer system
13.A mistake in a computer program that breaks the rules of the computer language. It prevents the program from being converted into machine code (2 Words)
18.Transforming data into information by organising it and making it more useful (2 Words)
19.A software window that can hold objects
20.To give a value to a named item, such as the property of an object, or a variable
21.An item in the software window
1.The permanent read-only memory which holds the computer’s start up software or BIOS
2.A named are of storage that holds a value that may change during or between programs
3.Computer programs that are designed to react to external events such as prompt from the user (3 Words)
4.Memory that disappears when electrical power is turned off
5.The instructions that make a computer function in the required way
7.A code used to convert characters into numerical form for computer storage and transmission
12.Numbers in base 16
14.Memory that remains when there is no electrical power (2 Words)
15.A characteristic of an object that can be altered by a computer program
16.To check through a program for errors and correct them
17.__________ is short for ‘picture element’. It is the smallest changeable part of a picture

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