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Myth Review

Mrs. Stausing

Norse and Greek Mythology

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3.Thor's wife; Loki cut off her hair
4.he was chained to rock for giving man fire; an eagle ate his liver every day
6.hideous female creatures; turned people to stone
7.great female hero
8.died of a snake bite on her wedding day to Orpheus
9.god of fire; married to Aphrodite
12.a structure created with paths and hidden passages; the Minotaur lived there
14.god of the underworld; married to Persephone whom he stole
16.the city of the giants
17.Golden palace where the heroes dined
18.the river of unbreakable oath
20.was the great Athenian hero; Hercules friend
22.Odin's wife
24.God of love; Aphrodite's son
25.where all the dead pass as soon as they die
29.Norse goddess of love and beauty
30.Greek god of the sea
32.where he went, trouble followed; not a Norse god but a son of a giant
35.married to Cupid
36.Greek goddess of war; no woman gave birth to her
37.one eyed creatures; served Zeus
39.nine in number; artist children of Zeus
40.Norse day of doom
41.half horse; half man; known for raping women
42.Greek goddess of hunt and wild things
43.completed 12 Labors; killed his family
45.she was turned into a cow/heifer by Zeus to hide her from Hera
46.Greek goddess of night
47.he guarded the well of wisedom
1.Norse goddess of the underworld
2.Zeus' mother; married to Cronus
4.Hades wife; Demeter's daughter
5.Norse tree of life
7.Greek goddess of love and beauty; married to Hephaestus
10.god of war
11.married to Eurydice; went to the underworld to find his wife and bring her back
13.goddess of harvest and grain; kind to humans
14.goddess of home and hearth; one of the virgin Greek goddesses
15.the most loved of all Norse gods
19.Greek god of the sky; Hera's husband
21.the centaur who educated Hercules
23.ate his children as they were born; Zeus conquered him
26.messenger of Zeus; wings on his sandles
27.world of the dead; cold realm
28.the first Norse giant
31.the fairy man of the dead
32.the river of forgetfulness
33.the deeper division of the underworld
34.god of wine; kind to humans
37.captured by Hercules; watch dog of Hades
38.magical inscriptions; immensely powerful; made of wood or metal
42.twin of Artemis; god of music and light
43.Greek goddess of marriage
44.Norse god of thunder

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