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CTT Terminology

Pat Wambach-Amen

Used to reveiw the terminology of the CTT system

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8.Consists of networks that are transitioning from one Network ID to another
9.Identifies the date the case file was received for imaging
10.Contains the received and completion dates
12.Must change to this mode to write or update in the CTT system
14.Dental can be located under what Tab?
17.Tab contains specific billing information
19.Prepare tab is used to organize the account for ________________
21.This tab is not really used for Medicare
22.This tab has seven sub tabs including rework tracking
1.Tab which houses the customer's performance guarantees
2.This tab contains read only fields
3.Tab which houses the Sales Representative responsible for the account
4.Will be updated by the SPOC Associates
5.There are seventeen
6.Can be located on a sub tab under the Customer tab
7.This tab can obtain facts or questions on all areas of the process
11.Contains HMO and TRAD first billing information
13.Prepares the case for implementation in the legacy systems
15.Displays the name and phone number of the Sales Representative
16.Contains the name of the assigned plan setup associate
18.consists of the scores and comments provided on the plan sponsor, broker, and/or sales phone, email, or paper
20.Plan Set up

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