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Personality Puzzler

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1.the measure of the amount of variation in a trait that is due to genetics
6.defense mechanism where one believes that the feelings that they have for someone are actually held by the other person
9.theory proposed by George Kelly that suggests that one creates personal pairs of opposites to interpret their world (2 Words)
14.he established the first formal personality theory; he believed that personality was defined in early childhood (2 Words)
16.tests that ask people to interpret ambiguous stimuli (2 Words)
17.consistency of tests
19.part of the conscious and unconscious mind that follows the reality principle
20.people's emotional style and characteristic way of dealing with the world
21.one trait plays a pivotal role in virtually everything a person does (2 Words)
23.Humanist who developed a hierarchy of needs (2 Words)
25.developed the 16 personality factor test to measure the 16 traits present in everyone in varying degrees (2 Words)
28.part of the conscious and unconscious mind that acts as a conscience
29.William Sheldon's theory that associated personality with different body types (2 Words)
30.the unique attitudes, behaviors and emotions that characterize a person
31.proposed the concept of locus of control (2 Words)
2.proposed by Albert Bandura; the idea that personality, environment, and behavior influence each other in a loop-like fashion (2 Words)
3.part of the unconscious mind that follows the pleasure principle
4.proposed by Carl Rogers; a blanket acceptance (3 Words)
5.believed that personality could be described based on an introversion-extraversion scale and a stable-unstable scale (2 Words)
7.Freud's discontinuous developmental theory; included the oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital stages (3 Words)
8._____ and ______ proposed that personality could be described using the big five personality traits (2 Words)
10.defense mechanism where one expresses the opposite of how they truly feel (2 Words)
11.a person's view on their ability to get things done
12.believed that people are motivated by the fear of failure; developed the inferiority complex (2 Words)
13.ancient Greek philosopher that believed that personality was determined by the levels of humors in the body
15.extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and emotional stability (2 Words)
18.defense mechanism where one redirects their feelings toward another person or object
22.to reach one's full potential
24.accuracy of tests
26.neo-Freudian who proposed a collective unconscious that contained universal archetypes (2 Words)
27.occurs when a psychosexual stage is overgratified or undergratified

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