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Why did the USA enter the Vietnam War?

N Reid

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3.This split Vietnam into two.
5.A nickname for Vietnamese communists.
6.Where the Viet Minh defeated the French.
7.The idea that communism would spread from one country to another.
8.The ARVN attacked Buddhists here.
10.The South Vietnamese army.
11.Peasants from Vietcong controlled areas were placed into these.
12.Vietnamese freedom fighters.
13.American boat that claimed to have been fired at.
14.He declared that Vietnam was independent.
1.US military advisers sent to train the ARVN.
2.The colony that Vietnam was part of before World War II.
3.This resolution took America fully into the war.
4.He burnt himself to death in protest at ARVN attacks.
7.The leader of South Vietnam.
9.The country that took control of Vietnam in 1941.
10.They gave $3 b to France to fight against the Viet Minh.
15.They arranged Diem's assassination.

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