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Business and Communications

Ben Clark

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2.people at the lowest level in the hierarchical pyramid who are responsible for either making the product or delivering the service for the public
3.the use of computer technology to create a video link between groups of people in different locations (2 Words)
8.this is damage to parts of the body, in the case of computer users often the hands or arms, caused by repeating the same movements many times
10.providing a product or service that a customer wants at the right time in the right place, at a profit
11.employing and keeping the organisations' employee in the most efficient way (3 Words)
12.Moral principles that determine decisions that are made
13.the use of computer and email facilities to enable workers to work from home
1.an organisational structuure where there are few people at the top level and many more at the bottom level (2 Words)
3.the display screen which is usually part of a computer and is used to show text, numbers and graphics
4.the science concerned with designing comfortable and safe machines and furniture to avoid injury to the user
5.the use of telephone technology to conduct a meeting between groups of people in different locations. This can be a sound link or a video link
6.a large room where several staff work at individual desks. The area may be subdivided with movable screens (3 Words)
7.the sorting of items into groups according to the materials they are made of so that they can be reused. This reduces the amount of raw materials used and pollution caused
9.a measure of whether something can continue into the long-term future

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