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Set 1-4 Crossword

Ms. Bernardy's Class

1 2 3 4     5       6    
  9           10 11    
12             13  
    15     16              
18       19             20          
  23     24
25               26              
27     28     29    
30   31            
      34           35   36    

4.snakelike in shape or movement; winding as a snake
7.extremely unconventional or far-fetched
9.appearance, semblance
14.a difficult decision
16.an incorrect or inappropriate name
17.occurring or coming at a good time
18.to ponder, to think about
19.a development growing out of and often complicating a problem; a consequence
22.the best condition, degree, or amount
25.worthy or deserving of praise
26.not typical, abnormal
28.to elude or avoid by cunning; to flee from a pursuer
30.to tease, to annoy
32.continuing for a long time
34.a small, miserable dwelling
35.to accumulate for future use; stockpile
37.to lure, to attract, to tempt
38.to brag greatly
1.to border upon
2.ill-humored, irritable, cranky
3.to engage in combat or competition
5.to put off until a later time
6.to come between
8.to look very carefully
10.to exclude from a group
11.spacious, roomy, capacious
12.to pass or go by in time
13.exceptional skill and bravery
20.an award
21.to attempt to equal or surpass; especially through imitation
23.to understand fully
24.to become weak or feeble
27.to hate very much
29.asleep or inactive
31.an order having the force of law
32.immature and inexperienced
33.a distressing situation
36.partially open

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