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3.01 Career Choices

Personal Finance

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3.the complete set of skills that a person has acquired (2 Words)
5.a specific career focus or direction (2 Words)
6.The set of personal qualitites that make each individual person unique
8.money earned for hours worked
10.a short-term work-based learning experience, either paid or unpaid, in which an individual gains experience in a speicif field
11.Danny wants to obtain more authority to earn a higher income. He should go back to college to earn a higher
12.a life's work
13.Mr. Brown's goal as a teacher is to supplement his income while his son is in graduate school. He will be looking for a second, short-term ____ to bring in additional earnings
14.This training specializes in preparing individuals for a specific type of work
15.Beverly is a social worker and earns a good salary with benefits and must attend continuing education each year. She has a __________ career.
1.a tool for finding out what a person wants to learn more about (2 Words)
2.set amount of income for a time period worked- a week, two weeks, one month
4.Investing in one's own human capital to increase ____________ is illustrated by going to college.
5.Select jobs for short-time purposes, __________for longer
7.income that is earned in addition to primary salary or wages
9.Heather chose to apply for admission to a school known for admitting students with GPAs similar to hers. She is matching her high school _____________ and performance to her college choices.

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