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Bug Crossword

1 2
  3   4
  5     6 7          
            8   9
        11   12
18                 19   20    
21               22           23    

7.Insects bodies have three parts: the head, the abdomen, and the __________
10.The strongest creature in the world is the _________________________ (2 Words)
13.Only three kinds of animals fight in battle formations: humans, crows and _______
14.This is the only insect that can look behind its shoulders (2 Words)
15.If you want to stop these tiny plant eating insects, get some ladybugs in your garden
16.The spiral feeding tube of the butterfly is called the ______
17.These bugs can eat their own weight in food in a day and are the world’s most destructive insect
18.A flying insect that makes honey and lives in a hive with their queen (2 Words)
21.This flying insect can produce its own light
22.You can tell these insects apart from dragonflies because they hold their wings parallel to their bodies when at rest
24.Only ________ crickets can chirp
25.These bugs have a stinger on their tail, and glow pink or green under moonlight
26.These red and black ladies are told to “fly away home” in a children’s song
1.The head of this animal will live and respond for at least 12 hours after it has been decapitated.
2.This is one of the heaviest insects and can weigh up to 3.4oz (3 Words)
3.The mounds of these wood-eating insects can be up to 40 feet high
4.Because this flying insect only lives 8 hours, it has the nickname "one day fly"
5.This insect looks like a twig (2 Words)
6.They make up the largest order of living things, with about 290 000 species worldwide
7.These bugs paralyze tarantulas and lay a single egg on the still living spider; when the egg hatches, the wasp larva has fresh food. (2 Words)
8.They spin cocoons and emerge as butterflies
9.This moth can fly up to 50kph
11.This hopping insect makes a noisy chirping sound
12.A flying insect that drinks blood
19.There are between 15 and 30 ___________ insects in the world
20.Named after a giant mythical lizard, these insects are among the fastest flying bugs in the world, flying 50-60 mph
21.Houseflies can taste with their __________
23._________ fireflies usually can't fly

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