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Unit 8 Science Crossword Puzzle

Kamelah Harriott

1 2               3 4
5               6 7    
11                         12                      
13         14                               15
16       17                                      
  19                 20    
  22 23 24                
27           28    

2.A rapid movement of mud.
5.An underwater or exposed ridge of sand gravel or shell material.
8.Happens when loose rocks fall down a steep slope.
9.The act or stae of eroding
10.Where is lake Eola located?
11.The general term for all of the materials carried and deposited by a glacier.
12.A fan-shaped alluvial deposit formed by a stream where it's velocity is abruptly decreased .
13.A loamy deposit formed by wind.
14.A long narrow island usually made of sand the forms parallel to the shore line, a short distance off shore
16.Mound of wind-deposited sand.
17.What land forms can streams create by erosion?
19.The process by which other chemicals combine with oxygen.
21.A dynamic boundary between land and the Ocean.
24.The extremely slow movement of material down slope is called.
25.A large mass of moving ice that forms by the compacting of snow by natural forces.
26.A body of fresh or salt water that is surrounded by land.
27.A large natural stream of water that flows into an Ocean or other large body of water such as a lake.
29.The process by which rock is broken down into smaller pieces by physical changes.
30.Which type of debris is most commonly found?
31.The sudden and rapid movement of a large amount of material down slope.
32.The breakdown of rocks by chemical reactions.
1.The breaking down and wearing away of rock material by the mechanical action of other rock.
2.A region of increased elevation on Earth's surface that rises to a peak.
3.Where is the Betis Boka river located?
4.The state of being deposited or precipitated.
6.What causes rock to break apart?
7.A nearly flat plain along the course of a stream or river that is naturally subject to flooding.
11.The water located within the rocks below Earth's surface
14.An area of shoreline that is made up of material deposited by waves and currents.
15.When these stronger acids fall to Earth they are called.
18.What else can cause physical weathering?
20.What else can cause chemical weathering?
22.The place where land and a body of water meet
23.The breakdown of rock material by physical and chemical processes.
28.A nearly flat plain of alluvial deposit between diverging branches of the mouth of a river, often though not necessarily

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