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Cells and Disease


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1.a process that produces an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another
8.a microscopic non-living structure that is surrounded by a protein coat
9.an microorganism that causes a disease
10.a heterogeneous group of living organisms, comprising those eukaryotes that are not animals, plants, or fungi
12.an organism that transmits a disease
13.the manipulation of living things to make useful products
14.organisms whose cells lack a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
18.a disease that can be from one organism to another
19.a living thing that cannot be seen without a microscope
20.characteristic of area or characteristic of a particular place
23.powerhouse of the cell
26.organelles that make food for the cell
27.a structure that controls many functions in the cell
28.the fluid that fills most of the space in a cell
29.protective cover that surrounds the cell membrane of plant cells
30.an epidemic spreads over a larger area or throughout the world
2.a modification that changes the genetic material of living organisms
3.the process by which cells break down sugar to release stored energy
4.controls what materials enters or leaves the cell (2 Words)
5.organisms whose cells have a distinct nucleus and organelles
6.drugs that kill bacteria or slows their growth
7.the process in which the cells of plants use energy of sunlight to make food
9.an organism that lives on or in another organism and benefits at the other organism's expense
11.a structure inside a ell that carries out a certain function
15.an outbreak of a disease that affects many people in an area
16.the study of microscopic organisms
17.biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease
21.the cell structure that makes proteins
22.yeast, mold and mildew are examples of this type of microorganism
24.a one-celled organism that doesn't have a nucleus contained in a nuclear membrane
25.stores materials inside the cell

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