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The Second World War

Gerardo Scheufler

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1.Germany sent many aircraft planes over the English Channel to attack British targets
4.When someone is forced to leave a country, or flee from the country.
6.The single place where the Jews accumulated in to live.
8.American general who led the American and the British forces to land in North Africa
10.German general who pushed the British out of Libya and he was nicknamed the Desert Fox.
12.Name of Hitler's Party
13.the deliberate mass execution of the Jews
14.The place where the Jews were sent to labor camp.
15.giving aggressive demands in order to maintain peace and prevent a war
2.Was located in one of the largest cities in the Soviet Union, and was one of the most brutal battle of the war.
3.A military blockade designed to force the city to surrender and was ordered by Hitler.
5.one of the great leaders of World War II. And he was active in the British politics.
7.Blamed the Jews for Germany's problems and he also promoted a belief in the racial superiority of the German people.
9.is when a country tries to avoid involvement with other nations.
11.The name of the mass murder of the Jews

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