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A-Level ICT - INFO3

Ben Clark

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1.The set of rules used on the World Wide Web for communicating between sites
8.A diagram used to define the flow of data through a system (2 Words)
10.The last point at which data can be recovered, i.e. the time lapse between backups (3 Words)
11.Are mainframe computers that are amongst the most powerful computers at any particular time
14.The department that deals with the management of the people who works for an organisation. (2 Words)
15.The ICT systems that run the internal operations of an organisation and are not accessible or visible to the general public (3 Words)
16.The Bankers Automated Clearing Service is a method of processing financial trannsactions electronically
19.A diagram that shows how data moves through a system, showing where the data comes from, what processes it passes through and where it goes to within the organisation (3 Words)
20.Maintenance that involves improving the software to enhance its performancce
21.A statement which defines the organisation's position on a particular issue and may determine decisions, actions and other matters
2.A standard set of rules. For example a communications ___________ is a standard set of rules used to ensure the proper transfer of data between devices
3.The transfer of an organisational function to another country, regardless of whether the work is outsourced or stays within the same corporation
4.Maintenance that involves putting right any errors that remain in the system after testing
5.Uniquely identifies a physical computer linked to the Internet (2 Words)
6.Maintenance that involves making alterations to respond to changes in the organisation or external changes such as new security risk
7.Training that is carried out when a new employee joins an organisation
9.The ability to import data from an old ICT system to a new one when the new one is being installed (2 Words)
10.Documents or systems that must be produced during the various stage of the systems life cycle
12.The transfer of a function of an organisation to an external company that provides this service
13.The ability to transfer data between different software packages or systems (2 Words)
17.A long term plan for achieving a goal
18.The administration of wages and salaries

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