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Sean Marshall

Conjunctions used in examples, try your hand and your skill. Learn some grammar along the way.

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2.Would you want to go to the park ____ the movies?
5.______ you got very close, you couldn't get to the bus stop on time.
8._____ she was flattered, she couldn't accept the gift.
10.It was just what the company, to win the prize for best documentary, _____ it was already in bankruptcy.
13.You won't get hurt __ ___ __ you keep your mouth shut
14.________ you call I will be there.
15.When the prisoners escaped that afternoon __ ___ as the guards were aware they working in the laundry.
16.I will leave you _____ I find you if you disobey me.
18.The company was willing to risk it all __ ____ __ being a good steward.
19.Went I left the city it was for the last time, nor did I ever go back.
21.The devil __ the details, take your pick.
22.__ ____ of fire, break glass.
24.__ __you can keep a good woman down.
25.____ ______ Sarah is wealthy, she always remember where she came from.
29.Mathematics be fun for kids ________ it can be challenging.
30.I was sleeping all this morning, _______ I stayed up to do this crossword.
34.Janet looked stunning in that dress, ______ the dress just hung on Jackie.
35.__ you had the ability to see with my eyes, then you would not be so mean.
37.____ __ Sarah won the lottery, she would never leave the neighborhood.
38.He has been worried _____ that letter arrived this morning.
39.Why are you here ____ you should be at school.
40.Do your homework __ you won't fail the course.
42.___ long is the flight to Los Angeles?
43.I understand what you are saying ___ we see things differently.
44.____ William and Tom were completely different
45._______ snow or the dead of night will stop me from getting there on time.
46.Excuse me ___ asking this question,
1.They kept loading the barge _____ the daybreak showed the hull was full.
2.____ it will happen is unlikely, the odds are stacked against it.
3.Questions such __ ___ long should you cook blue squid.
4._______ much you hate learning these lessons, not knowing is far worse.
6.Helen stopped in at the bar in to see her friend Chrissy, just _____ leaving Jake's place.
7._____ I join you for dinner I have some work I have to do.
9.__ ____ you knew what I knew, you might be better off than you are.
11.I like my job ______ ____ tackle yours.
12.__ _____ ____ we serve you better, this call may be recorded for quality assurance.
13.This will all be over __ ____ __ she comes back
17.We don't the library __ a social institution, but it is in every community
18.You could think about it has a happy accident, __ ______ nothing happened.
20.You can join me for an evening drink, ________ that you didn't take the sleeping pills.
23.Best thin crust ___ deep dish pizza in all the city.
26.___ __ is no excuse for bad behavior, there are no exceptions.
27.____ you finished dinner, you can then have desert.
28.________ you go, you can't run from yourself.
31.I should have this completed on time, unless I have to attend another meeting.
32.We burn the village __ ____ we might save it.
33.___ that you taken the job, you might want to act like it.
34._______ you stay or go doesn't make much of a different.
36.He's acting ____ nothing happened.
37.______ you know it or you don't
41.I would have taken you anywhere, ____ you told me to stay away.
44.I know that you don't like this, ___ you might as well try.

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