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Set 5-8 Crossword

astute abominate amplify ballistics beleaguer bereave blather cajole chide comprise damper deduce disparage edifice emit expunge facilitate fleece forage giddy harrowing idiosyncrasy impede lieu maim marauder mode myriad oblique partition pillage proficient quandary relinquish remorse revere segregate somber spur umbrage

1 2 3 4
    5     6       7
8       9       10 11        
  12             13    
15             16 17                   18  
19           20                      
  21   22 23       24
        26           27      
30                     31          
32   33     34
  35                 36          
37         38      

5.to consist of; to include/contain
8.to obstruct or interfere with; to delay
12.to regard with great devotion/respect
15.at an angle neither perpendicular or parallel; indirect or evasive; not straightforward
17.skillful; to be very good
19.quick in discernment; shrewd, clever
20.the study of the dynamics or flight characteristics of projectiles
25.extremely distressing; disturbing
26.to separate or keep apart from others
29.to give up doing; give in
30.state of perplexity or doubt; a difficulty or uncertain situation
31.to defraud, swindle; also wool
35.to besiege; beset, surround, harass
36.an extremely large number
37.to wheedle, coax, or persuade someone to do something they didn't want to
39.a building, especially one of imposing appearance or size
1.depressing, gloomy, dark
2.to scold, to voice disapproval
3.a way or method of doing something; type, manner, fashion
4.instead of; in place of
6.division of something into parts
7.to remove; to delete; to erase
9.to come to a conclusion by reasoning from the evidence
10.a strong feeling of sadness or guilt for having done something wrong
11.to make easier, to help bring about
13.a behavioral quirk
14.to talk nonsensically
16.sense of injury/insult; take offense
18.suffering the death of a loved one
21.to belittle; to put down
22.one that depresses or restrains; a dulling deadening influence
23.to dislike strongly, to regard with intense aversion or loathing
24.to search or hunt for food and provisions
27.to make larger, louder, or more powerful
28.to move to action
32.to rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils
33.a raider, intruder
34.a light-headed sensation; dizzy; lightheartedly silly
36.to disable or disfigure; to cripple
38.to send or give out; to express, utter

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