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Aiben challenge part 2

aiden cohen/ben copeland

so hard it has 2 parts

1       2      
4                             5
6 7          
    9                       10  
11                 12 13                
15           16        
18             19        
20 21 22                      
    24   25              
26     27    
28     29   30     31                         32
    33                       34        
          35   36         37    
39                     40                  
            41   42          
      43 44          
  45                     46  

1.helps fight scurvy
4.not of right mind in latin
7.abbreviation of something that powers you
9.flow of electrons
11.Stuff that DNA arranges
13.home university in latin
15.another disease causing thing
17.Hot springs in greek
18.another disease causing thing
19.elementary particle in quantum physics
22.lowest elevation in North America
23.Salt in chemistry language
25.wild ___
28.swirly column
31.gives you energy
33.wisconsin fight song
34.plain column
36.a new world disease
38.radiation with b in its name
39.Minecraft object ghasts shoot out
40.one disease causing thing
41.cable covered the roof with to protect from fire attacks
45.big computer chip
47.free in latin
48.lowest radiation
49.speeds up anything
50.2 of these and 1 other quark makes a proton
51.a new world veggie popular in ireland
2.primary colors of paper
3.famous living scientist with a disease
5.1of these and 2 other quark makes a proton
6.signing 0f declaration of independence
8.strongest radiation
10.a type of past tense
12.3 of these makes a type of muon
14.elementary particle in quantum physics
16.Nile __
20.type of explosive better than gunpowder
21.nickname for presbyterian university
24.most common animal during cambric period
26.very fancy column
27.type of quark that starts with a C
29.another type of tense
30.form of viking punishment
32.another disease causing thing
35.elementary particle in quatum physics
37.special name for fats
42.a new world veggie
43.heaviest of all quarks
44.particle physics lab in illinois
46.kitchen in ship

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