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Food and Restaurant Talk

Fabi Teacher

Fill in the blank or unscramble the word.

1 2 3
4           5    
7   8          

4.I would like to have a burrgehma and fries please
6.I am really....
7.I hope you enjoyed your meal. What would you like for______?
9.Can I have some ketchup for my srfie plase.
10.What is the ____ of the day?
11.May I take your drink _____?
12.______ for five?
1.My __________ is spaghetti and meatballs.
2.I am really...
3.What would you like for _____? I'd like eggs and bacon with come coffee.
5.I am so thirsty. May I have a ________ of water, please?
7.What would you like for _____? I only want some soup. I don't like to eat a lot before going to bed.
8.Can I have a _______ of pizza?
10.Where does _____ come from? It comes from cows.
11.Where does tuna come from?

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