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How Well Do You Know Soccer?

Jaclyn Metz

1 2
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6 7 8                    
11               12                      
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22             23              

3.Country that won the World Cup in 2010
4.Penalty given by the referee that results in the player leaving the field and not playing in the following match
8.Penalty that the referee uses to cation a player
11.When the ball goes out of play on the touch lines
12.When a foul is commited in the penalty area by the defensive player, a ____ is awarded to the attacking team
13.Number of teams that partcipated in the first World Cup
15.The number of substitutions allowed in a World Cup match
16.When the ball crosses the end line by an attacking player when it is not a goal
18.What every other country calls as soccer
19.The World Cup occurs every ___ years
20.Considered to be the greatest player of all time
22.Country that hosted the first World Cup in 1930
23.When the match takes longer than the standard time due to stopage of play
24.The most expensive player in football history
1.The country that hosted the World Cup in 1994
2.The type of kick where a player can score directly from the kick
5.When the ball crosses the end line by a defensive player when it is not an own goal
6."Bend it like _____" was a term that came from this professional soccer player who could bend the soccer ball when he took a free kick
7.How the match is started, and also restarted after a goal is scored
9.David Beckham's first professional club team
10.The type of kick where another player has to touch the ball before it can be called as a goal
14.The biggest soccer event in the world
17.The judge of the match
18.The number of times that Brazil has won the World Cup
21.Country that was first to win the World Cup three times

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