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Chapter 10, 11, and 12 Exam Review

Ms. Stuart

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7.A two-part ticket used to locate and match stored luggage.
9.Rooms that have been set aside for guests with special requests.
12.A list of guest wake-up calls that includes each guest's name and room number, day, date, and time the call should be made.
13.Pages within a logbook which duties and services performed by bell services staff during a shift, as well as other important information for bell staff are recorded.
14.Tells the Bell Attendants where to stand so they can quickly help guests.
15.The process of assigning a guest room and escorting guests and their luggage to that room.
16.When the bill is slid underneath the guestroom door in the early morning during the check out date.
17.A special service provided to VIP guests in which corners of the comforted is turned down in a welcoming manner.
18.Communication devices that use open channels that can receive and send messages.
1.Phrased used when a task will not be assigned a tip.
2.Usually a set of file folders or a three-ring binder with tabs.
3.A direct telephone line to the PBX operator that guests can use to report emergencies.
4.A system used to communicate to large amounts of people at one time using speakers.
5.A staging area outside larger hotels where taxis can wait for guests who need a ride.
6.A Small container used for holding individual packets of sugar and artificial sweetners, or other additional cleaning supplies.
8.Phrased used when a task will be assigned a tip.
10.When guests requests that rooms are not to be cleaned.
11.Saying nothing rather than saying something inappropriate.

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