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War and Peace

Morgan Harrison

War and Peace books: one, two, and three. Vocabulary, characters, and a few random questions.

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4.A French orphan, who is the companion of Princess Marya Bolkonskaya
6.War and Peace has ______words (Include "words" in your answer)
7.Mary rejected a proposal of his marriage
8.Daughter of Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky, who is torn between her duty to her father and marriage
9.A person, who is a part of an elite core of horsemen
10.To conquer or subdue by superior force in battle
14.Tediously unvarying
16.A subordinate officer acting as a confidential assistant to a superior
18.The illegitimate son of Count Bezukhov, who inherits his father's estate
23.Born of parents, who are not married to each other
24.The most important female character
25.Who Prince Andrew is married to
27.Gloomy or sullen
1.The French general
2.A title given to all generals who reached the third and highest grade of generalship
3.Son of Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky
5.A person who is adept in planning a procedure or plan
11.The person's whose house the first book begins in
12.A cluster of small cast-iron balls used as a charge for a cannon
13.These are often held as evening parties
15.Author of War and Peace
17.A clever remark, Bilibin's were popular
19.Who completes the bet at Anatole Kuragins
20.Who the Russians are fighting
21.When not speaking in Russian the characters speak this language
22.A member of a light cavalry regiment in European armies
26.Who Natasha is in love with

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