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May Pub Quiz

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15                       16    
  18 19 20        

2.What is the capital of Afghanistan?
6.In the third Mad Max film, what is the name of the arena, in which two men enter, one man leaves?
8.In which country will you find the city of Timbuktu?
9.Licensed in 1608, the oldest licensed distillery in the world now produces which brand of whiskey?
11.What type of fish is used in the production of Worcestershire sauce?
12.What Australian directed the Mad Max film series?
13.How many legs does a cockroach have?
15.Which Beatle produced Monty Pythonʼs Life of Brian?
20.In 1957, the Soviet Unionʼs Laika became the first animal to orbit the earth. What kind of animal was she?
21.On January 8, 1940, the first three food items were rationed in the UK due to WWII. They were sugar, butter, and what?
22.In Shakespeareʼs play, who kills Macbeth?
23.Which continent are ostriches native to?
24.What psychedelic rock band is best known for the 1968 hit, ʻIn-a-Gadda-Da-Vidaʼ?
1.What was the best-selling Guns & Roses album?
2.Growing to a maximum length of 3m, what is the largest living species of lizard?
3.What country produces the most tobacco?
4.Where would one find the Sea of Tranquility and the Ocean of Storms?
5.What band had a string of hits in the 1980s that included ʻWalk Like an Egyptianʼ, ʻManic Mondayʼ, and ʻEternal Flameʼ?
7.Bob Johnson and his girlfriend Linda have been living on this street since 1969. Gordon and Maria Robinson have lived there since 1974, and Mr. Hooper lived there until his 1982 heart attack. What street is it?
10.Joint photographic experts group is known as what other name?
14.In which country is Kingfisher beer brewed?
16.How many countries share land borders with Italy?
17.How many films are there in the Harry Potter series?
18.What food spread has been advertised with the slogan, ʻLove it or hate itʼ?
19.Which word, meaning stupid in Italian and Spanish, is also the name of a famous sidekick?

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