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Tribute to Dave Regan


As a 'Thank You' to Dave for sorting out my 'problem', here is a crossword only HE may be able to solve.

1 2 3
4 5            
  6       7
    8             9  
10   11          
12                       13              
    16     17            
18 19        
20                   21
  23             24   25    
  28             29          
31       32   33              

5.stop to enjoy ' ________ ' when you drive from California to Washington
8.pays part of the rent (2 Words)
12.first attempts (2 Words)
14.logic puzzles
16.what we surf (abr.)
17.Dave's home state
20."to err is human" but this can really mess things up!
22.the mascot of a computer system (coincidence with Dave's site?) (3 Words)
23.Dave's favorite bird
26.even this language has printable representations! (2 Words)
28.when all else fails (abrs.) (3 Words)
31.city in Benton County
34.33rd State
1.web address (abr.)
2.Dave's profession (2 Words)
3.admitted to the Union in 1859
4.these days, no tail
6.when your text is in code
7.a common Irish surname
9.important name from the Bible
10.reads from right to left
11.what Dave's program makes (2 Words)
12.what Dave likes to 'play with'
13.the Beaver State
15.the 'code' used to 'program' a computer
18.letter styles
19.computer problem - named after the real thing
21.another type of word game
24.people hits per month
25.the next Bill Gates (2 Words)
27.important business 'bust' some years ago (2 Words)
29.old system (acronym)
30.Portland is NOT its capital
32.what Dave's bird is wearing
33.free and open source computer opperating system

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