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week 5

mia makaritis

mia M's spelling words

1 2
3     4         5
7               8  
      9 10                
  14     15      
17 18         19    

4.the person who gave birth to you
7.do you ________ in the tooth fairy
9.not the same
12.the second month of the year
13.things you look at,at the Zoo
14.things you wear
16.making trouble
17.a water sport
20.the ________ was singing beautifully
1.someone you care about
2.i __________ to do a flip
3.i saw a _______ butterfly
5.to get something
6.the boy jumped over the fence _________ he wanted to go to FX Zone
8.the bride was very ________.
10.the opposite of boring
11.to make your mind up about something
15.do you know how to spell the word ________
18.________ you like to go to the dance with me
19.something you are given when you are born

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