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1               2  
4 5                           6  
  11 12             13                    
  14                           15
    17       18 19
20                             21    
  23     24                    
26     27        
29                     30        

1.Respiration – Air enters the lung of a spider
4.nonliving factors in an organism’s environment
8.living factors in an organism’s environment
10.A change in the environment that allows an area of land to support living things where it never did before
11.an area where an organism lives
13.more than one organism uses a resource at the same time
14.Multiple Cells
16.some breakdown dead organisms to return nutrients to the soil
20.Concentration of nerve tissue and sensory organ at the anterior end of an organism
24.One cell
25.Eye composed of many light detectors, separated by pigment cells
28.Stinging cells located on tentacles
29.Irregular in shape, without symmetry
30.role or position that an organism has in its environment
31.Clusters of neurons in bilateral symmetric animals
2.A cavity that serves both digestive and circulatory purposes in some cnidarians
3.Hard, external, supporting structure that develops from the ectoderm
5.A condition in which two equal halves of a body mirror each other.
6.a single, straight-line path of energy that involves only 4-5 organisms
7.a bunch of food chains put together for a given habitat
9.An internal supporting skeleton
12.The front end
15.Appendage that some invertebrates use to move
17.a group of interacting populations that occupy the same area at the same time
18.scientific study of all the relationships that occur between organisms and their environment
19.Body cavity that contains internal organs
21.the act of one organism consuming another
22.many protists are photosynthetic and are major contributors to the Earth’s oxygen atmosphere
23.some protists eat other organisms for energy
26.Top Half
27.asexual reproduction in which a part of the parent organism pinches off

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