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Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Ms. Thompson

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    7 8             9
10                 11        
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1.the Nurse's daughter
4.Rosaline has sworn to remain ? all of her life
8."Is she a Capulet? My life is my ?." (Romeo)
10.lady Romeo "loves"
12."What drawn and talk of ?. I hate the word as I hate Hell, all Montagues, and thee." (Tybalt)
13.what Romeo and his friends wear to the Capulet party
14.Juliet's cousin who is looking for a fight all the time
15.young nobleman interested iun marrying Juliet
16.Juilet's family name
17."Do you bite your ? at us, sir?" (Abram)
21.how long the play will last
22.what Old Capulet asks his wife to give him
23.how Tybalt recognizes Romeo at the party
24.not at the fight
25.reason servant has to ask Romeo who is on the list of people to invite to the Capulet party
27.who Romeo dreams about
28.Romeo's cousin who tries to break up the servants' fight
2."Put up thy ? . You know not what you do." (Benvolio)
3.what the Nurse calls Paris
5."For I never saw ? till this night." (Romeo)
6.where the play takes place
7.Romeo's best friend
8."If ever you disturb out streets again, your lives shall pay the ?." (Prince)
9.Juliet's age
11.Romeo's family name
18."My only love springs from ?." (Juliet)
19.number of civil brawls in the street
20.young Capulet girl
26.what Tybalt wants to do to Romeo

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