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Physical Science Final Review


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1.The rate at which an object changes position
8.A shiny substance that is a good conductor of electricity
9.A reflection of a sound back to its source.
12.When a substance changes from a liquid to a solid it reaches this point (2 Words)
14.Heat can be produced by _____ the motion of particles in matter.
16.A letter or combination of letters used to represent an element
18.A book on the edge of a table has _____ energy
19.Opposite magnet poles _____ each other.
20.The speed and direction in which an object moves
21.An instrument used to measure mass
22.Electromagnets work when current is ______
2.The rate of slowdown
3.In a ____ circuit all current flows in a single path
4.A compound that reacts with metals to form _______ is an acid
6.A simple machine that is a form of inclined plane wrapped in a spiral around a piece of metal
7.The subatomic particles that have a negative charge
10.A number that scientists use to tell how many of an element's atoms are in a compound
11.A reaction where one compound breaks down into two or more simpler substances
13.Small bundles of energy that make up light
15.A mixture where one substance is dissolved in a liquid.
17.Anything that has mass and takes up space

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