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Mixtures and Solutions Vocabulary

5th Grade

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1.The term used to describe the substance being dissolved. (page 2)
3.The name given to the new substances that form after a chemical reaction.(page 23)
5.People who study the elements (page 6)
6.Naturally occuring substances on Earth that are NOT mixtures. (pages 3&25)
10.When two or more substances are combined and change into a totally new product.(page 23) (2 Words)
12.Occurs when different kinds of atoms join together. (page 26)
14.A type of mixture where one substance dissolves into another. (page 2)
15.The name given to the original substances in a chemical reaction. (page 23)
16.When a liquid turnes into a gas (like water turning into water vapor) (page 3)
1.The term used to describe the substance doing the dissolving. (page 2)
2.To make a solution less concentrated.
4.A solution in which no more solid material can be dissolved. (2 Words)
5.The attachments between atoms that hold the molecule together. (page 26) (2 Words)
7.The amount of a material that is dissolved in a certain amount of liquid. (page 20)
8.Any solid material produced from a chemical reaction. (page 23)
9.The tiniest piece of an element. (pages 4&25)
11.Two or more materials combined together. (page 1)
13.When one substance seems to disappear completely into another substance. (page 2)

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