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Amantha's Ender"s Game Puzzele

Amantha Straley

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2.be like someone or something you admire
5.medical experiments on live animals
8.permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking
9.close or near
14.able to be understood in more than one way
15.incapable of being disentangled or untied
16.not able or willing to believe something
18.very different,strange, or unusal
19.lacking firmness or solidity
20.a fictitous name
1.having a rude unfriendly deisposition
3.belonging to an earlier
4.having or showing a desire to cause harm to another person
6.a description of what could possibly happen
7.prevent an anticipated event or action by taking action ahead of time
10.acting or taking place without external force or cause
11.the state of being in a place or stituation that is seperate from others
12.skillful and clever
13.on purpose
17.enjoyment that someone gets from being violent, cruel, or in pain

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