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Macrery - Mzimba - Family Doings

1 2       3
4           5
6     7 8 9           10 11
12     13               14 15        
      16       17   18              
    19         20   21    
      22           23   24      
25       26     27     28      
      29       30       31  
32           33               34          
  36       37         38 39     40     41    
42           43                   44
    45     46     47    
  48 49             50   51                
52                     53     54        
    55         56            
57                     58                 59    
                60 61    
62   63       64                    
65   66                     67       68           69
        70       71             72            
73           74                 75  
78   79                     80      
81               82                    
        84           85
86         87 88       89                   90      
91       92         93     94            
      95                     96
97                 98   99            
101     102         103          
104               105        

2.they get fed every morning
4.the language of half of the African people
8.fish eagle
12.the Green Mountain State
15.doing very well at school
16.a middle name
18.mixed African man
20.a relative now long absent and forgotten about
22.Nan's home now
23.British charity
25.where they speak chiNgonde
28.an erstwhile work-place for two of us (for short)
29.hospital in Lilongwe (initials)
30.mushrooms in Malawi
32.small fish in Malawi
33.flutist and pianist
34.erstwhile Mzimba and Mokone
39.' _______ ' Dr. Kamuzu Banda
41.spoken at the southern end of Lake Malawi
42.Mother of twins
43.erstwhile bank employee
46.the oldest female Macrery
49.thank you
51.Welsh singer (2 Words)
52.spoken in Jo'burg
53.departed but not physically far away
56.spoken in Lilongwe
57.famous explorer in Malawi
58.we drove through
61.Henry and Lea's school (initials)
62.a Celtic patronymic prefix
64.little Mzimba sister
66.named after Grandfather (2 Words)
68.bike rider
70.Bridget taught there (initials)
71.holiday at the lake (2 Words)
73.still at Sompane
74.a plateau in southern Malawi
76.Robert Henry's son (2 Words)
77.the Dad present
79.Jo'burg's two nicknames (3 Words)
81.a common Welsh surname
82.NYC's nickname (3 Words)
83.the place of a visit in 1986
84.a mountain in southern Malawi
86.Scruffy's predecessor
88.the NY Macrery's baseball team (2 Words)
91.Henry's school (abr.)
92.10 years older
95.Banda's 'wife'
97.one of the Nguni languages
98.home in Malawi (2 Words)
100.Bridget's high school
101.the 'Home of the Brave' (initials)
103.the 'Warm Heart'
104.husband soon to be divorced
1.the doctor's initials
3.there are exactly 50
4.common surname in Malawi
5.ran away from Shaka, ended up in Malawi
6.the Thomas and Macrery home state (2 Words)
7.the Dad absent
9.holiday at the sea (2 Words)
10.common surname in Malawi
11.the Mother of the bride
13.an adopted surname
14.mostly in Nkhata Bay
17.they say 'bweka bweka'
19.Swazi royalty
21.named after her Grandmother
24.Mark's first high school
26.delicious flies
27.RHM's birth surname
31.Nan's first borne (2 Words)
33.Curly's pal
35.followed Banda
37.'car' in Malawi
38.the newest Mrs.
40.generic name for a female home helper
44.the reason for Curly's name (2 Words)
45.RHM's nickname
47.respected contemporary of Shaka
48.a city in Scotland and Malawi
50.the newest American (2 Words)
54.Xhosa love
55.a well-known turn-off going to Baragwanath (2 Words)
59.gone too soon
60.they call it chiNyanja there
62.this tree makes syrup
63.delicacy from Lake Malawi
64.two plateaux in Northern Malawi (3 Words)
65.follows big sister
67.Southern Africa's snowy Switzerland
69.first dog
72.Lea's cat (2 Words)
75.holidays at the lake
77.nurse (2 Words)
78.a dog given away
80.'little hand' battle field
85.Nell's husband
86.gracing Nell's home
87.just married
88.the NY Macrery maternal family surname
89.we shopped there
90.well-known Saulsville street
93.little brother
96.named after cousin (2 Words)
97.reveals all (2 Words)
99.Gogo's name
102.grade school in Malawi (initials)

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