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O Crossword

Jake Farmilo

1       2
6         7            
10     11
12         13        
14 15   16          

1.a ____ is musical or vocal sound
3.____ is a peppermint chocolate bar
6.____________is brittle bones caused by deficiency of calcium or vitamin D
8.__ is the opposite to yes
9._____ are voices that carry on for awhile
12.you would make cookie _____ to make cookies
13._____ is used in chocolate
14.you should have five of these on each foot
16.you would need a _____ for a house etc
1.a _________ is a optical instrument using lenses or mirrors to magnify distant objects
2.a ___ is an enemy
3._______ is an adjective for exercises designed to increase oxygen intake
4._______ is an adjective for the ocean
5.a _________ is a instrument with lenses for magnifying objects
7._______ is the ruler of ancient Egypt
10.you would ____ in peforming arts
11.____ are at the top of your feet
15.you would say this if you were surprised

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