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1 2 3
  4     5
10   11                                
12                       13  
  18                       19        

6.He believed in simplicity and in living harmony with nature. Had a sweet cabin on a pond.
7.This was a major essay of the Transcendentalism movement. Inspired MLK
8.also known as Jim Crow laws, these kept freed slaves in semi-slavery
9.First state to secede from the union.
11.He escaped slavery, spoke against slavery, became famous.
12.Major convention in New York to discuss Women’s Rights
14.set forth the attitude of the United States toward European interference in the Western Hemisphere.
15.This part of America produced mostly cotton.
16.An American Philosophy that challenged the core beliefs of Industrialization.
18.This amendment abolished slavery
19.The Missouri Compromise of 1820- Missouri became a southern state, and _______ became a north state (once part of Ma).
20.He invented the Cotton Gin.
21.This purchase completed our present-day southwestern boundary of the United States.
22.As the debate over slavery raged, this state acquired a gross nickname.
23.This part of America produced finished goods in its many factories.
1.He made the first Power Looms for the Textile Mills. A local city is named after him.
2.This man took control of an Armory but failed to start an armed slave revolt.
3.Played a leading role in establishing state-supervised, state-funded, mandatory-attendance school systems
4.The ________ -Onis Treaty of 1819 helped the United States acquired all the Spanish lands east of the Mississippi.
5.He was often called the father of the Transcendentalist Movement.
9.He memorized the plan for the Spinning Wheel and brought it to America.
10.President that wrote "Four score and seven years ago".
13.These females made up 90% of the factory workforce in the NE section of Ma.
17.Amendment, right to vote cannot be denied based on race.

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