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OMD Spirit Week Crossword

1 2 3   4     5  
6         7 8        
11                   12                
  14                 15              
16           17           18   19   20
22                       23        
24                       25
      26   27      
  28 29                    
    30     31        
33               34    
    35 36       37  

3.Generation from the 1950s
6.Michigan's bird
8.Counties in Region 1-B
9.Mobility assistance program
11.Campaign for increased ltc funding
12.Insurance for Social Security beneficiaries
14.Signed into law on 7/14/1965
16."Aging in ______"
19.In the past
22.Study of aging
23.One way to go it
24.Brain disease that can cause dementia
27.Totally confused
29.Person taking care of another
31.Wiser's partner
32.AAAs in Michigan
33.Discrimination of the elderly
34.Older Americans Month
35.Served in the military
38.AAA 1-B accreditation since 2012
1.Nursing home (abbr.)
2.PAHP, formerly
4.Annual advocacy event in Lansing
5.Temporary rest for a caregiver
6.Stopped working
7.Like days of yore
9.Low income health insurance program
10.Community center for older adults
13.Org. for seniors
15.Persia, now
18.Padre's padre
21."There's No Excuse" for it
24.Information and ______
25.Opposite of rep.
26.Member of Senate
28.Make amends
30.Great lakes acronym
36.Historical period
37.To border

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