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Romeo and Juliet Act 4

Ms. Thompson

1 2
4 5 6          
13   14           15
17               18          

3.what Juliet will use if the "mixture do not work at all"
6.Juliet tells her mother and the Nurse she wants to be left ?
8.the Capulets are now planning a? instead of a wedding
9."Be not so long to speak, I long to ? !" (Juliet to Friar Lawrence)
12.how Paris addresses Juliet when she enters
14.who Juliet drinks to
17.herb Friar Lawrence says to put on Juliet
18.number of cooks Old Capulet sends the servingman to hire
19.Lady Capulet says Old Capulet will be ? tomorrow for staying awake all night
1.length of time Juliet will be in the Capulet vault
2.method of communication Friar Lawrence will use to tell Romeo of his plan
4."Pardon, I beseech you! Henceforward I am ever ? ." (Juliet to her father)
5.Nurse's name
7.Nurse's nickname for "sleepyhead" Juliet
10.temperature of Juliet's body that next morning
11.ghost Juliet thinks she sees
13.who Friar Lawrence is talking to at the beginning of the act
15.along with Juliet, these (of Old Capulet) are also buried
16.Juliet will appear this way after drinking Friar Lawrence's potion

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