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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Teacher: Kim Vero-Lynn

Preparation for the Spring Final Exam 2014.

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4.Gatsby's annoying nickname for other men (2 Words)
9.Wilson's place of business; owner of
13.Myrtle is appalled to discover that her husband had to borrow a/an ( ) to use for the wedding
14.Nick forgets that it is ( ) birthday
15.Wilson plans on taking Myrtle ( )
19.Fitzgerald's wife suffered ( ) mostly on account of her dancing
20.surprising guest at Gatsby's funeral (2 Words)
22.East Egg residents usually ( ) their wealth
25.most common rumor for Gatsby's career or means of wealth
28.Klipspringer requests Nick to send him the ( ) that he left at Gatsby's
31.Tom and Daisy's arrogance that every other race is ( )
32.Age of lavish parties, prohibited alcohol, skewed morals and values
33.responsible for Gatsby after he dies
36.College where Fitzgerald negelected his studies in order to further his literary career
39.Both Daisy and Southern Belle Sayre do not marry ( ) boys
40.where Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby & his wife had an affair with an aviator
41.Myrtle repeats until she is hit in the nose
42.located between the Eggs and NYC (3 Words)
43.Wilson becomes suspicious of Myrtle's affair after discovering what object (2 Words)
45.Gatsby's degrading nickname for Nick while at Gatsby's party (2 Words)
47.Wilson and Tom, although economically on different ends of the spectrum, both share recently discovered ( ) spouses
49.Nick tells Jordan Baker she is a rotten ( )
50.Gatsby claims to be an ( ) man;attended after the Armistice
51.Nick argues with Gatsby that he cannot recreate the ( )
52.Nick learns Gatsby's real last name after meeting his father Henry
1.Myrtle's sister reveals the religious faith of Daisy that prevents her divorcing Tom
2.Wilson tells Myrtle she will never fool ( )
3.Nick and Gatsby converse that Daisy's voice is full of ( )
5.rent for Nick's bungalow is $( )
6.Blessed precious, absolute little dream, Daisy's daughter
7.the less fashionable Egg; populated by the Nouveau Riche
8.informs Nick that neither Myrtle nor Tom can stand their spouses
10.starting on July 5, 1922, Nick makes a listing of ( ) at Gatsby's parties
11.keeps watch over Wilson immediately after Myrtle's death
12.neighbors of Tom and Myrtle; attend their apartment gathering
16.Nick and Daisy's relation
17.Chief theme of Fitzgerald's work
18.The era of the 19--'s
21.Gatsby's unattainable dream is symbolized by his preoccupation with the ( ) across the bay (2 Words)
23.Nick is the most ( ) person he knows
24.home to Fitzgerald and Gatsby
26.type of business that brings Nick to the East
27.enormous eyes and spectacles promoting an eye doctor's long-gone practice
29.Tom's nickname for Gatsby's yellow car (2 Words)
30.Fitzgerald and Gatsby both saw their fathers as ( )
34.Tom and Daisy's "kind" of people are
35.Klipspringer's nickname; The ( )
37.first to invite Nick formally to one of Gatsby's parties
38.Jordan Baker's profession
40.Nick calls his servant woman his ( )
44.Owl eyes is fascinated with Gatsby's (place)
46.( ) Sayre, the southern belle and love of his life
48.Nick takes a liking to Gatsby because of his extraodinary gift for ( )

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