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Puzzle for Liam

2       3 4 5
  6           7
8             9      
10       11        
12           13   14        
  16         17            
20     21    
    22           23    
24 25               26    
    29             30 31      
32               33
34         35        

2.Soft, stringy stuff on your head.
6.Yard tool for leaves.
8.Cars have 4 rubber ones.
9.Our second cat.
10.Not lying, cheating or stealing.
12.Not a frown.
13.Place with many books.
15.Furry foot.
16.Move on hands and knees.
17.Singer & moonwalker, Michael "___".
19.Mr. Guthrie's car.
21.Buzzing, stinging insect.
22.Your birth month.
25.Arm of a tree.
26.Liquid in a pen.
27.Heat + fuel + oxygen.
28.Move around to music.
29.Help for weak eyes.
31.Sky color.
32.South Carolina capital.
34.Grass color.
35.Mr. Guthrie's last cat.
1.Painter's tool.
3.Red + yellow.
4.6-stringed instrument.
5.Football in France.
7.Opposite of quiet.
11.Our first cat.
12.Move through water.
14.2-wheeled pedal vehicle.
18.Frozen water.
19.First part of the day.
20.Thanksgiving bird.
21.Used by cars to cross a river.
22.Super hero, the amazing "___".
23.Glass container.
24.Keyboard instrument.
30.Country we are visiting.
33.Mr. Guthrie's leaky "___".

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