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Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Ms. Thompson

2         3       4       5
    6 7                  
9       10   11
    12           13           14
  17 18                                
19                                       20    
  21                 22 23          
  25           26          

2.Romeo's man
4.whose blood Friar Lawrence sees outside the Capulet Monument
7.how long romeo and been at the Capulet Monument
8."My ? but not my will consents." (Apothecary to Romeo)
12.number of men the poison would kill
16.explains the whole story to Prince
18.also go to the Capulet Monument
19."See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, that Heaven finds means to ? ." (Prince to Old Capulet and Old Montague)
21.Friar Lawrence's messenger
23.what kills Lady Montague
24.evidence that backs up Friar Lawrence's story
25.comes to the Capulet Monument
26.speed Apothecary's drugs work on Romeo
28.Paris' dying wish told to Romeo
29.what Paris brings with him
30.where Friar Lawrence wants to take Juliet
31."And here is come to do some ? to the dead (Capulet) bodies.) (Paris)
32.where Juliet's body "sleeps"
1.Friar Lawrence tells Friar John to bring this to his cell
3.man who prepars and sells drugs and medicines
5.how Juliet dies
6.gold coin
9.reason Romeo goes to Capulet Monument
10."The world is not thy ? " (Romeo to Apothecary)
11.Prince's kinsmen who died
14.Prince's decision
15.reason Friar John could not leave the house and deliver message to Romeo
17."I pay thy poverty and not thy will." (Romeo to Apothecary)
20.Paris' kinsman
22.penalty for anyone who makes and sells "mortal drugs:
27."Thus, with a ? I die." (Romeo)
30."I defy you ? !" (Romeo)

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