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US History Final

Mrs. Frieberg

1 2
  3 4 5          
    7   8              
11                             12
    13   14  
        15 16                    
            18 19         20  
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    26 27            
28                                 29    
32 33 34            
35                             36   37
      39       40 41  
42                       43          
44   45       46                

5.served as code talkers
6.rested on the issue of executive privilege
8.Black Panthers advocated the use of __________ to achieve their goals
9.program that allowed Mexicans into the U.S. following WWII
10.kept African Americans from voting (2 Words)
11.the goal of this was to stop communism from spreading (2 Words)
16.money to spend and products to buy leads to __________
17.African American fighter pilots (2 Words)
19.the first ever agreement between Egypt and Israel is called the Camp David __________
23.allowed the U.S. to fight wars without nuclear wepons (2 Words)
28.Allan Bakke claimed this in his case against the UC system; reverse __________
30.Allied invasion of Nazi occupied Europe
31.set limits on presidential power (3 Words)
35.companies with extensive product lines
38.wage and price controls were set to stop this
42.represented Mexican farm workers (2 Words)
43.Native Americans who confronted discrimination with violence
46.Neutrality, cash and carry, and___________ (2 Words)
47.supreme commander of U.S. troops in Europe
1.segregation in based on laws (2 Words)
2.equal pay for equal work regardless of gender (2 Words)
3.helped ban segregation in interstate travel (2 Words)
4.plan to build the atomic bomb (2 Words)
7.if one country falls to communism, other will too (2 Words)
12.Nixon orders the special prosecutor in the Watergate scandal to be fired in the Saturday Night __________
13.investigated communism in the film industry
14.white, middle class college students (2 Words)
15.to stop the reunification of Germany (2 Words)
18.in the 1950s, __________ jobs declined
20.African Americans all living in the same area is what type of segregation (2 Words)
21.leader of Communists in China (2 Words)
22.wrote the Feminine Mystique (2 Words)
24.Civil rights Act of 1968 banned discrimination in __________
25.senator who made unsupported accusations of comminism
26.separate but equal is overturned in __________ v. Board of Education
27.nation responsible for Pearl Harbor
29.__________ v. the U.S. upheld WWII Japanese interment as necessary for national security
32.women cannot advance in business (2 Words)
33.provided medical insurance to the elderly
34."I shall return!"
36.this trail enabled North Vietnam to send troops and supplies to South Vietnam (3 Words)
37.extermination of the Jews by Nazis
38.in the 1950s, new homes were built in the __________
39.__________ v. Ferguson established separate but equal
40.offered low interest loans to veterans (2 Words)
41.the 38th parallel divides North and south __________
44.organization of petroleum exporting countries
45._____ suit riots

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