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World History Final

Mrs. Frieberg

1 2
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27                   28       29        
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  36           37        
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42                       43  
47                 48            

3.Britain and France declared war on Germany after Hitler invaded __________
6.WWI was more destructive than other wars due to new __________
9.rising unemployment and low economic activity
11.this doctrine offered aid to any nation threatened by communism
13.Mao believed that a Chinese revolution would be led by __________
14.fought on the western front (2 Words)
16.Nazis rampage Jewish business and synagogues
18.this pact created an alliance between the Soviet Union and the nations around it following the Truman Doctrine
19.built to stop citizens from escaping communism by crossing over into free West Germany (2 Words)
21.at this conference, the big three decided to partition postwar Germany
23.Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jewish population (2 Words)
27.specific information for a purpose
29.leader of the Bolsheviks
30.excluded Jews from German citizenship (2 Words)
32.the United Nations was established at this conference
34.traditional war tactics (2 Words)
35.__________ submarine warfare led to the U.S. joining WWI
36.This battle was the turning point for the war in the Pacific (and is also a ride at California Adventure!)
39.part of Czechoslovakia
42.Hitler's lightning warfare of constant attacks
44.the U.S. policy of not getting involved with issues in other nations
46.atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and __________
47.plan to quickly defeat France and then attack Russia
48.Neville Chamberlain proclaimed "peace for our time" at this conference
49.political tension following WWII (2 Words)
50.led the Spanish military against democracy
51.at this conference, President Truman asked for free elections throughout Europe
1.glorifies the state above individuals and ruled by a dictator
2.Mao Zedong led the ___________ in China
4.improved relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
5.Stalin's Five Year Plan was meant o transform the USSR from agricultural to ___________
7.the Treaty of __________ blamed Germany and Austria for starting WWI
8.mass killing of European Jews by the Nazis
10.this nation bombed Pearl Harbor
12.Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
15.Hitler signs a nonaggression pact with this leader
17.allowed Hitler to ignore the Constitution (2 Words)
20.Chiang Kai-shek led the __________ in china
22.complete use of all resources (2 Words)
24.satisfying Hitler's demands to maintain peace
25.this doctrine stated that the Soviet Union had the right to intervene if communism was threatened
26.this battle stopped the German advance on the western front
28.ended Russia's involvement in WWI; Treaty of (2 Words)
31.this battle was a defeat for Germany because much of their army was lost
33.this battle was the turning point of WWI; the _____ Battle of the Marne
37.Prague Spring is associated with this leader in Czechoslovakia
38.war that aims to wear down the enemy at all costs
40.this plan intended to restore economic stability in Europe after WWII
41.the assassination of this duke was the immediate cause of WWI
43.Japanese troops rape, torture, and kill over 200,000 Chinese in the "rape of __________"
45.the Treaty of __________set up the border between Germany and France

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