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Unit 1



1 2
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    10                   11 12  
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  45                     46            

6.a scientific principal stating that the buoyant force acting on a submerged object equals the weight (force of gravity) of the fluid displaced by the object
9.the measure of how fast a fluid will flow; the "thickness" or "thinness" of a fluid
10.a heterogeneous mixture in which particles do not settle
13.a unit for pressure; newtons per square meter (N/m2)
14.how fast a solute dissolves in a solvent
16.a substance that dissolves in a solvent (e.g., salt is a solute that dissolves in water)
17.the tendency to rise or float in a fluid
19.a device that transmits an applied force through a liquid to move something else by means of pressure
23.the total mass of an object divided by the total volume
24.breaking up; forming a solution by mixing two or more materials together
25.a heterogeneous mixture in which particles settle slowly after mixing
26.made up of parts, or mixed
27.the upward force exerted on objects submerged in or floating on a fluid
30.the amount of mass in a certain unit volume of a substance (D=M/V)
33.a material that only has one kind of particle
35.the same in structure, quality, or kind
37.remaining suspended in a fluid; for example, not falling in air or sinking in water
38.the force acting perpendicular to a certain surface area
39.stirring or shaking
40.an instrument designed to measure the density of a liquid
42.the state of matter in which a substance has a definite volume, but no definite shape
43.a homogeneous mixture of two or more pure substances
44.separate parts of a mechanical mixture
45.characteristics that describe matter
46.a combination of two or more pure substances such as that each one's properties are not lost, but may be hidden
1.a solution in which no more solute will dissolve in a solvent at the same temperture
2.a solution that contains more solute than would normally dissolves at a certain temperature
3.a solution in which no more solute will dissolve in a solvent in a specific temperature
4.a system in which a gas, such as air, transmits a force exerted on the gas in an enclosed space
5.a mixture in which droplets of fat are prevented from joining together by an emulsifying agent
7.a mixture that are obviously heterogeneous
8.the condition in which the amount of force pulling down on an object immersed in a fluid (i.e., gravity)
11.a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascal
12.the measurement of the amount of space occupied by a substance; measured in liters or cubic units centimeters
15.the volume of fluid that passes a point in a pipe or tube in a certain amount of time
18.the attractive force between masses;causes object to be attracted to earth
20.the force of gravity exerted on a mass
21.the amount of matter in a substance; often measured with a balance
22.incapable of being compressed squeezed into a smaller volume
28.a push or pull, or anything that causes a change in the motion of an object
29.not able to be dissolved in a particular solvent
31.a substance that dissolves a solute to form a solution(e.g., water is a solvent that dissolves water
32.an electrical device that compresses air
34.able to dissolve in a particular solvent
35.the study of pressure in liquids
36.the state of matter that has no definite shape or volume
38.the study of pressure in gases
41.the state of matter in which a substance has a definite shape and volume

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