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Productions Review


Terms for the final exam

2 3      
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8                       9
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3.the brace that is the top and bottom of a flat.
5.attaches the rail to the stile
7.a type of glue that is used to apply prosthetics to the face
8.a light that follows and actor
11.a base coat of make-up that evens out the skin tone
12.attaches the toggle to the stile
14.curtain upstage used for lighting
15.light with a grooved lens
18.type of gauze curtain used for special lighting effects
19.the brace that runs center across a flat
21.sponge used to apply foundation
1.lighting from behind the actor.
2.narrow light with a more intense throw
4.colored transparency used to change light color.
6.a latex piece added to the face or body
9.the bone that makes up the lower jaw
10.a type of sponge that creates texture
13.the space between the nose and mouth
14.______, yellow, and magenta or the secondary colors of light.
15.orbital _________.
16.the brace that runs top to bottom of a flat. (the sides)
17.metal stencil used to project a pattern of light.
20.______, blue, and green are primary colors of light

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