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The Community Times

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3.What was Jonas allowed to do when becoming Receiver?
6.What did Jonas' mother say was a job with little honor?
7.Jonas' mother works for the department of _____
9.Asher was assigned the job of Assistant _______ Director
11.Who has red hair?
13.What do the Giver, Jonas, and Gabriel have in common?
14.In the first memory Jonas receives, what does he ride on?
15.What does Lily tell Jonas she doesn't believe in?
17.What did Asher mix up with the word snack?
18.Jonas used to take pills to stop what?
1.What do planes track when looking for people?
2.How did Jonas really feel at the beginning of The Giver?
4.What is the name of the baby that Jonas' family cares for temporarily?
5.What was the name of the previous Receiver?
8.Jonas' parents think love is what kind of word?
9.What is the first color Jonas sees?
10.The first time Jonas and Gabriel get wet is from what?
12.What is the Giver's favorite memory?
16.The Giver apologizes for giving Jonas what kind of memory?

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